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Dear ICON Family, 




The situation with Covid-19 / Coronavirus continues to elevate in its potential impact on our nation and our community. I believe we acted in faith to continue with services this past Sunday. I am beyond thrilled for the 10 souls that were renewed and / or saved as well as the new volunteers who have joined our team. As the situation is fluid and more information continues to be shared, I believe it is responsible for us to add “knowledge to our faith” as we have been learning in the series, Living2Win. With that knowledge built on faith, we can operate with wisdom that will help properly steward the move of God and the people of God.  


With this understanding, I cannot with good conscience move forward with no constraints on our ministry practices. 


In consultation with our oversight board and our leadership team, we will make the following changes as it relates to ICON Church and our ministry expressions. Our intention is not to scale back in our ministry reach but rather to expand in our opportunity to connect even more people with the Gospel. 


THE FOLLOWING CHANGES WILL BE IN EFFECT THROUGH MARCH 30, 2020.  (We will continue to monitor and extend as necessary)



I am asking only essential team members to assist in preparing an ONLINE ONLY Sunday morning experience. We will make the ICON experience available online through FB Live and we are looking at other options as well. More information will be shared as soon as we have full information on how you can participate in this opportunity. 



We will move to an ONLINE ONLY expression on Wednesday nights. We will be sending you resources and links for those families with kids that you can use to provide a ministry opportunity to engage your children in worship and the Word. 


SMALL GROUPS (Healing The Heart, Young Adults, Young At Heart, Youth, etc)

For small groups, groups of 10 or smaller, you may continue to meet with the following guidelines: 


Each leader will communicate to EACH member of the group to honor the ‘social distancing’ guidelines and virus protection practices. 

  • Physical hugs, handshakes should be replaced with elbow bumps or virtual ‘high fives’.

  • If an individual has any symptoms (cough, sneeze, shortness of breath, etc.) or is concerned in any way about their health, we ask that you stay home. 

  • Make an effort to stay 6 feet away from others as possible. 

  • If someone arrives demonstrating symptoms, the leader will discreetly request that individual to leave the meeting in order to protect those present. 

  • Extra precautions and more frequent sanitizing of ministry space must be employed.



On Wednesday, March 18, I will be teaching via FB Live instructions and guidelines regarding our upcoming Corporate Fast. (March 22-April 12) 


We plan to provide a Daily Devotion each day during the fast. More details will follow.  


Also, we are looking for opportunities to serve the community. If you know of ways we can partner with an organization that serve the most vulnerable during this time, please reach out to me at



Giving is an important part of our discipleship. As pastor, I would also ask that you continue your faithful support. The practice of giving serves both our spiritual needs as well as the practical needs of our body. Do not neglect this important act of worship. See electronic giving options below. 


  • Online at

  • Text to Give - send a text with the amount you want to give and how you want to designate your gift to 803-205-2417. 

(Example of message text:  $150 Tithe) If this is your first time to give by text,

you will be given directions on how to set up your Payment Method. You will

 need to do this once.

  • Cash App: Username $IconChurch (Use “For” line for designation of gift)

  • Church App (if you haven’t downloaded it yet, please visit 



Our staff and leaders will be available to serve you during this time. Please submit your prayer requests to and our prayer team will cover you in prayer.  


If you have any questions or needs, please contact us at 803-888-5409 or email us at



It is our belief that this crisis can actually move us forward and not set us back. With the right efforts and creative initiatives, our church can grow and we can be connected more as a congregation rather than less. Technology and modern culture caters to us serving our congregation in this way. 


Our hope is that this will be a short, temporary solution that will lead to a more expansive, more connected congregation. Please pray with us regarding this. 


As a recap, any small groups (10 or less) who choose to gather are required to follow the following guidelines: 


  1. Wash your hands

  2. Practice responsible methods of social distancing (elbow bumps or virtual high fives) 

  3. If you are experiencing symptoms related to the flu or Covid-19 virus, we recommend for you to stay home, contact our office so our Elders can pray for you, then join us online via FB Live to participate in our service. 

  4. Pray 

  5. Declare God’s Word instead of words of fear and worry. “All is well!”


Since COVID-19 symptoms are similar to the onset of the common cold or the flu, if you are coughing, sneezing, running a fever or having trouble breathing, Also, if you are in the advanced risk category as it relates to susceptibility to the virus (Elderly, those with chronic illness [cardiovascular issues, diabetes, auto-immune diseases, etc.] - DO NOT COME TO CHURCH. Stay home until your symptoms are gone. We plan to stream on Facebook Live, here you can also practice your act of worship in giving through our online options and text to give as well.


Since respiratory infections such as the flu or COVID-19 are spread through water droplets expelled from the mouth or nose, always sneeze or cough into a disposable tissue or your elbow. If you cover your mouth with your bare hand, wash and sanitize immediately. 


Thank you for your continued involvement in the ICON Church family. Please let us know how we can serve you during this prayerfully short season.


Be Iconic,


Dr. Tony and Pastor LaShea Colson 

Lead Pastors

ICON Church 

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