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Fasting resources

2023 Fasting Guidelines
3 Day Fast

(Wed., September 27 through Friday., September 29, 2023) 



Specific Corporate Prayer Focuses

  1. Pray His Kingdom come, His Will Be Done .

  2. Pray for ICON Church to be released into our next level of capacity.

  3. Pray for ICON Church to receive miraculous provision (Our Daily Bread) for a permanent location.

  4. Pray for favor and divine connections in the city that will open the doors necessary to unlock this new territory. 

  5. Pray for healings and deliverance for the body.


Pastor Tony is asking everyone to dedicate one meal a day in a focused pursuit of God. During one of the three time periods below, he is asking you to commit to the following: 


  1. No Food. Water Only*

  2. Take the TIME that you would have spent eating and spend time in worship and the Word.

  3. Take the MONEY you would have spent on the food and set aside as an offering for the poor and needy. ICON Church will collect this offering on October 1, 2023 

* If you are unable to follow these fasting guidelines due to medical reasons or otherwise, please determine a method of fasting that will work for you. The main thing is to focus on God so we can be free to step into everything He desires for us, as individuals and as a church.

If you have any questions, email us at We will be providing you with daily encouragement as we walk this out together. To sign up, text the word, “FAST” to 803-426-4070

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