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Relax and Make a Friend

Visiting a new church can be a nerve-wracking experience! One of them is just not knowing what to expect when you visit. We hope to answer your questions and create the best opportunity for you to relax and make a friend. We look forward to getting to know you!

What kind of worship do you have? 

At ICON, we love to worship Jesus! We would consider ourselves both passionate and high energy in our praise. The goal is to experience Jesus in a powerful way. 

We honor the differences of personality and don't expect everyone to worship the same. We just want to be real and authentic as we pursue God's presence together.


Is there a dress code?

Be you. Some of our iconic people dress casual and others dress up. For us, it's not about the outside its who we are on the inside that counts. 

Will you make me stand up and be acknowledged as a 'first time guest'? 

No way! We do give you the opportunity to raise your hand so we can meet you and honor you as our VIP. But it's definitely not required. 


I checked my kids into the Student Ministry, will they be safe?

Every volunteer at ICON Church has been background checked. Additionally, we do a more thorough background on our workers who work in the Student Ministries.  Also, we will only release our children back to the adult(s) authorized to pick them up. We want them to have fun, experience Jesus, and be safe!

More questions? 

Send us an email at and we will have one of our team members respond promptly.  We are here to serve you! 

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